The ReSource Project

The ReSource Project is a unique, large-scale study on Eastern and Western methods of mental training. Over a period of eleven months, participants practiced a wide range of mental exercises that are designed to enhance attentional control, body- and self-awareness, healthy emotion regulation, self-care, compassion, empathy, and perspective taking. Overall, the aim of the training is to improve mental health and social skills. It may reduce stress, improve mental clarity, increase life satisfaction, and lead to a better understanding of others’ views, values and actions.

The ReSource Project is a secular program developed by a team of experienced meditation teachers, scientists, and psychotherapists. It was conducted from 2012-2016 in Leipzig and Berlin as part of a research project of the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences.

The ReSource Project was initiated by Prof. Dr. Tania Singer based on a research grant from the European Research Council (ERC) in Zurich in 2008. Prof. Dr. Tania Singer is the Principal Investigator of the ReSource Project which she continues to date as scientific head of the Max Planck’s Social Neuroscience Lab in Berlin.

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Background and Content of the Study

Over the last decades, isolation, stress, and psychological tensions have been steadily increasing in our society. Recently, the study of mental training techniques, such as meditation, has delivered promising results.
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Thank You

The ReSource Project came to an end in 2016. We thank all our participants for their fantastic commitment and support.

ReSource News

A regular update about press and of scientific publications of the ReSource Projekt is available on the homepage of the Max Planck Social Neuroscience Lab: